I am a verification junkie.

After spending two years tracking journalist arrests and press suppression at protests around the United States entirely online, I became obsessed with how we can better verify and fact check social media during breaking news. 

Verification Junkie is a growing directory of apps, tools, sites and strategies for verifying, fact checking and assessing the validity of social media and user generated content. This is a work in progress. Send me tips @jcstearns.

For more background on why I built this site, read the introduction here. For more on verification and accuracy in social media and user generated content see:

Trust and Verify: How I Curate My List of Journalist Arrests (November 2011)

Lessons From the Fake New York Times Wikileaks Op-ed (July 2012)

Verifying Social Media Content: The Best Links, Case Studies and Discussion (March 2013)

A Crash Course in Verification and Misinformation in the Wake of the Boston Bombing (May 2013)

I speak regularly about trust, accuracy and verification at conferences and college campuses. Contact me here: http://about.me/jcstearns